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Bridge Builder Academy – Premier Private School

Our mission is to assist students with unique learning styles and challenges to maximize their academic potential through individualized and customized educational plans.

We are the premier private school in the Dallas-Forth Worth area for UNIQUE LEARNERS.  The uniqueness in our approach to education offers an exclusive one-on-one educational approach that includes curriculum tailored to your child’s personal and academic needs from our certified teachers (most of whom have a minimum of a Master’s degree).  As a private school, we have students enrolled full time in Elementary School grades K through 5 and Middle School & High School grades 6 through 12.  Additionally, we provide for children attending other schools through Public / Private School Partnership, Homeschool Assistance, Homework Support, Supplemental & Developmental Enrichment and Educational Consultations.   We also can help with developmental skills that affect education and life.

Bridge Builder Academy is not a traditional private school; we customize ALL aspects of education to maximize your child’s learning potential.  Your child is recognized by Bridge Builder Academy as unique and special.  We understand that each child learns differently, each child has unique learning and processing methods, each child has a unique learning personality that must be taken into account with each teacher’s personality.  The relationship between each child and each teacher is critical to maximizing learning potential, so we carefully select your child’s teacher specifically for your child’s education. Click here to read what parents and educators are saying about Bridge Builder Academy.