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Bridge Builder Academy – Premier Private School

“Bridge Builder Academy has changed my son’s life.  Before Bridge Builder Academy my son didn’t enjoy school and thought he wasn’t smart.  Now as my son is preparing to graduate high school at BBA, he’s talking about college and loves learning.  WOW!  What a transformation, and it’s all because of the passionate teachers and devoted staff that my son knows that his learning differences do not have to hold him back.” – Proud BBA parent and State of Texas District Judge

I can not begin to fully explain the difference Bridge Builder Academy has made in my son’s life.  It’s been incredible.  My son disliked school, thought he was a failure and had no self-confidence.  Now he loves to learn and sees his future as bright.  I want to tell every parent about the difference BBA has made in his life.  Every parent with a child should have their children enrolled at Bridge Builder.  You certainly will have my son until he graduates high school. – Joyful BBA middle school parent

My son was able to go off to a school and learn in a group only because of Bridge Builder Academy., said Rekha Suryanarayana, owner of “It’s a Sensory World!” and a very satisfied parent.

“Bridge Builder Academy is a revolutionary way of teaching our children.  The individualized instruction, the customized teaching approach, and the detail to tailoring all aspect of learning specifically to each student empowers each student to succeed.  Education in the state of Texas has noticed the success stories at Bridge Builder Academy.  Great Job!” – Texas State Board of Education member

We are a Premier Private School in the Dallas-Forth Worth area.  We offer an Exclusive One-on-One educational approach with our Certified Teachers most of whom have a minimum of a Master’s Degree.  As a private school, we have students enrolled Full Time in Elementary School grades K through 5 and Middle School & High School grades 6 through 12.  Additionally we provide for children attending other schools: Public / Private School Augmentation, Homeschool Assistance, Homework Support, Supplemental & Developmental Enrichment and Educational Consultations.   We also can help with developmental skills that affect education and life.

Bridge Builder Academy would be considered a non-traditional private school, because we customize ALL aspects of education to maximize your child’s learning potential.  Your child is recognized by Bridge Builder Academy as unique and special.  We understand that each child learns differently; each child has unique learning and processing methods; each child has a unique learning personality that must be taken into account with each teacher’s teaching personalities.  The relationship between each child and each teacher is critical to maximizing each child’s learning potential so we carefully select your child’s teacher specifically for your child’s education.