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AD/HD or Active Discovery of Details

I wonder if some of our Kids with AD/HD might just be kids who do a lot of Active Discovery of Details? What do you think? According to research back in the early 1990’s, three to five percent of the school age population was the percentage affected by AD/HD, ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder. In 2011, a survey, showed that over 11% of school age children affected with ADD. Today, it is one of the most commonly diagnosed childhood disorders. What is the deal???


Ok, I am probably hitting a sore spot for some people with this subject and so calm down and let’s talk. I do believe that some children have a true diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder but some might not if we look at them closely. Actually, we can look at many factors but let’s just start with a couple of what might be simple ones for now.


Kid reading with letters floatingWhat is the environment that like they are in and what we expect of them? I believe that learning through doing, seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, building, etc. can create a love of learning. Kids need to move around. Adults need to move around. We need to think outside and around the desk and the classroom. Active learning can go into deeper than just repeating facts. Memorization may be needed for some things but what about doing it with music or movement. Don’t be afraid to help your children memorize facts to music or use silly stories to remember how cells divide. Have them move around some in your class if you are a teacher and get them out moving if you are a parent. Let’s get them moving and learning.

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