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Have You Decided It’s Time to Maximize Your Child’s Potential?

Admissions Puzzle

Your child’s admissions process is very simple, because we’re here to help you put all of the puzzle pieces into the right places.

At BBA we see your child as unique and amazingly special and that’s why we have such a unique approach.  We also have year-round enrollment which means your child can enroll and start classes at any time, because we understand things don’t always happen on semester schedules.

Your admissions process is only 3 steps for your family to become part of the BBA family

Discovery meeting with our Executive Director

Come in and have a tour of our Richardson campus while we talk about your child’s uniquenesses you can learn more about our very unique approach to teaching.  This is where you are able to explore our revolutionary approach to teaching and we can help you determine if BBA is right for your child and your family.

Finish Paperwork to Start
If you believe believe BBA is the best fit for your child, you can work with our Academic Services Administrator to complete all of the needed enrollment forms and bring in an official transcript from your child’s previous school or the information that you have used to homeschool your child.

Scheduling and Planning with our Head of School
With wide ranging experience of over 30 years in both public and private education Teresa Bronsky is prepared to help your family.  Once we have all of your child’s paperwork completed, we will determine the best teacher for your child based on their educational needs, learning personality, and/or learning differences to maximize his or her academic potential.  Your child will have a completely customized and tailored curriculum and a schedule specifically to them.

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