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Have You Decided It’s Time to Maximize Your Child’s Potential?

BBA’s approach is very simple, but very different from other schools, because we’re here to advise you in put all of the puzzle pieces together into the best guidance for how to help your child reach their full potential. 

At BBA we see your child as unique and amazingly special, that’s why we have such a unique approach. We commit to not sell you on our school, but to advise you based on our knowledge and experience in education put together with the information you provide about your child, the best direction for your child to not only succeed, but reach their full potential.


Where do we start?

Advisory meeting with our Executive Director
Sit down with our Executive Director, who will listen to you and learn about your child’s unique needs. After gathering information about you and your child’s needs, he will give you advice about what is best for your child’s educational needs.

If our school is the best choice then you can have a tour of our Richardson campus while we talk about your child’s uniquenesses and learn more about our very unique approach to teaching, that could work for your child.  This is where you are able to explore our revolutionary approach to teaching and we can continue to help you determine if BBA is right for your child and your family or if perhaps your child’s unique needs require an approach that is somewhere else.

We proudly acknowledge that we will ALWAYS advice each family based on their child’s needs and will always place your child FIRST in our recommendations. We will not try to sell you on our school. We DO NOT believe in trying to “sell” you on our school, but desire to advise you, as we would want for our own family.


If we are the ideal environment for your child, our admission’s process is only 3 steps.

Diagnostics and Advisory meetings with our Head of School
Our Head of School, Teresa Bronsky will work with your child to continue to determine the best educational approaches, methods, and styles needed for your child. By determining your child’s educational needs we can continue to advise you to help your child reach their full potential. It is during this series of meetings that our Head of School will determine the curriculums that will help maximize your child’s education potential.  Additionally, we determine your child’s learning personality, so we can best understand the teacher’s teaching personality that would help your child reach their full academic potential.

After this series of meetings, we continue to provide you honest and candid advice for your child’s needs. We will always present you with recommendations that are in your child’s best interest rather than trying to convince you any particular direction. Often our school is the best choice for your child, however we know that sometimes it is not, so we commit to always direct you truthfully and faithfully with recommendations that we would want for our own children.

Finish Paperwork to Start
If you believe BBA is the best fit for your child, you can work with our Academic Services Administrator to complete all of the needed enrollment forms and bring in an official transcript from your child’s previous school or the information that you have used to homeschool your child.

Scheduling and Planning with our Head of School
With wide ranging experience of over 30 years in both public and private education Teresa Bronsky is prepared to help your family.  Once we have all of your child’s paperwork completed, we will determine the best teacher for your child based on their educational needs, learning personality, and/or learning differences to maximize his or her academic potential.  Your child will have a completely customized and tailored curriculum and a schedule specifically to them.

Lastly, since we have year-round enrollment, your child can enroll and start classes at any time with us, because we understand things don’t always happen on semester schedules.


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