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The Best Job Ever

Have you done your research on jobs? What is the ultimate job? Aren’t all jobs created equal? Well, I guess not since the top 10 jobs are listed all over the web and they all differ. In fact, many people will argue over this subject, but I know the answer. I had forgotten how much enjoyment and wonder that “The Job” held until this past week. How could I have forgotten? Bills, paperwork, schedules, the list of things to do and life had stacked up and overwhelmed me and I had begun to lose sight of “The BEST JOB”. As I interviewed potential staff, my desire to teach and inspire was renewed. Yes, I believe that teaching is the most rewarding job ever!
Nothing can replace the joy of walking into a room of students playing an educational game of grammar as they wait for their class to begin. The phones, I pads, computers were pushed aside as they enjoyed this game together. Amazingly, they had learned that grammar and writing could be fun! In fact as I watched them on Friday, as they reluctantly had to stop their work in progress to go home, I had a hard time remembering that these were the same unenthusiastic writers from Monday. God used this summer camp on Excellent Writing Practices to strengthen my passion to help children learn to love learning again. I can’t wait to hear about new discoveries; progress made and plans for the year when the teachers start returning to their classrooms.

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