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ID-100110708October is the month of scary monsters and frightful celebrations. I don’t really enjoy being scared but I have been in the past. Count Dyscalculia has been a monster that has frightened me over the years. It has caused chaos and sucked the lifeblood out of me at times. Maybe I should tell you a little about this fend that has haunted my life and haunts the lives of many others.
Count Dracula and Count Dyscalculia sound as though they are related in some way. Well, in a way they are similar but only one of them is real. They are both quite frightening and they both bite. Count Dracula will bite you on your neck and suck your blood as all the kiddos know. Count Dyscalculia is a learning disability that occurs when a child struggles in math. This vampire takes a big bite out of their understanding of math concepts. Count Dyscalculia is showing up more as the required math concepts per grade have increased. Both monsters can scare the kiddos but Count Dyscalculia is the most damaging of the two. The disability of dyscalculia is as individual as the person. It can cause problems with number concepts, spatial concepts, word problems, number reversals and more.
If your child is struggling in math consistently, they may have dyscalculia. There are ways to help overcome this dreadful disability and defeat the math monster. Here are a couple of accommodations that can make life easier for a child with dyscalculia.

* Concrete methods should be used when new concepts are taught before moving on to more abstract examples.
*Assignments should not have problems on it that are written close together or have too many on a page. When too many problems are written too closely together it can cause confusion for the child with dyscalculia.
*Children with dyscalculia should be offered more time to complete tests and other large assignments.



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