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Educational Options

The Full-Time Educational Options like all of our options is highlighted by our exclusive One on One educational approach for all students attending Kindergarten through 12th grade is a highly customized education individually developed and implemented for your child that typically is completed between 10 to 14 hours per week plus also available are study hall hours and group learning activities   Typically our students accomplish their full-time education in between 3 to 4 days per week, but 5 days is an option.

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All these options are highly individualized and tailored to your child’s needs, include: self-paced courses, accelerated courses, extended courses, credit by examination, alternate graduation plans for accelerated or extended graduation. 

Courses are self-paced and customized specifically for each student to maximize their learning potential. There are no age or grade requirements to take courses and no artificial time-constraints for course completions. This means courses can be completed in as few as eight weeks with time up to one year if needed. 

Does your child attend a wonderful school, however he or she is struggling to get the grades that their academic skills and abilities should reflect? 

Have you ever wished that when your child comes home with homework they would have their teacher around to help reinforce or explain the assignments?  Could a little bit of assistance with their homework or to study for those big test make the difference between being in the top 10% or not?  Would your child be able get passing grades if he or she have a teacher to work with them one on one to meet their unique educational needs?

Bridge Builder Academy teachers will partner with your child’s school and teachers to help reinforce and reteach the concept being studied by providing regular additional one-on-one guided practice that they often cannot receive at school. We often work with the school and are happy to follow their lead.  Homework support is intended for children who attend elsewhere and need additional guided help before the independent practice work they are currently doing for school.

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Is your child receiving special services from their current public or private school, but not all of your child’s needs being met? 

Bridge Builder Academy has and can be a “special vendor” to your child’s district or school to augment the education your child is already receiving to assist the district or school to fully meeting your child’s academic needs, while allowing your child to continue to remain in their current school.

In many cases we already have relationship with public and private schools, however other times either parents or school officials contact Bridge Builder Academy and we can setup a relationship to ensure that your child receives the academic assistance needed.

We can be an academic option that the school or district can offer to students where a one on one education (the absolutely least restrictive environment) is the best educational setting to maximize a student’s educational potential.

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Do you want to start homeschooling your children, but aren’t certain how to get started? 

Is everything going great in teaching your homeschool children, except you have found a subject or two that your children need or want, but might be taught by someone with a little stronger background in a particular curriculum area?

We provide a full range of services for families that are considering homeschooling up to and including families that have been homeschooling their children for years. If you are considering homeschooling your child or children, we can assist you in setting up everything from what, when, where, and how to homeschool your children.  If you are doing great homeschooling, but need a teacher with background in a certain subject we can help you.

Homeschool Assistance can include as little as 4 to as many as 15 hours per week, depending on the needs of your family and your student.

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So why add more work when the homework they already have is already causing them so much stress?

For as little as 4 hours a week, we will send a certified teacher to assist with homework, answering related questions and providing enrichment and curriculum reinforcement!

Supplemental Enrichment is intended for students who need or desire additional educational assistance.  Supplemental Enrichment can be for students who want or need help with core skills significantly above or below their level which are best taught (or re-taught) in a one on one instructional environment.

Developmental Enrichment includes social, study, life skills and creativity.  The National Association for Developmental Education says, “When most people outside [education] hear the words “developmental education,” they think of refresher courses in English, math, and reading for underprepared students. However, developmental coursework is only one academic enhancement practice that falls under the umbrella term “developmental education.”

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We are constantly looking to help families to provide the best possible education for their children. We can assist families, school, and districts with determining the best possible education environment, curriculum, and methods of maximizing a student’s academic and developmental needs.

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