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Educational Success

What is important for our children to learn early on in order to be successful in life? Do they need to master a foreign language, a musical instrument, or be a star athlete? Are our educational standards and expectations for our elementary aged children appropriate? As a parent and a teacher, I have wrestled with this many times.
Consider this….when we teach….

Let’s teach our children to love others not money, to hold their tongue not their possessions, to be encouragers not bullies, to serve others more as much or more than they are served, to do their best all the time not just on tests, and to remember that they are loved by God.

Let’s teach them that their unique learning styles, their differences, their strengths, their weaknesses, and everything about them make them who they are and their creator designed them that way.

Let’s teach them by what we do as we do life by what we know is right. May we teach them to be devoted readers and devoted Christians as we read to them from God’s word.

These things taught at a young age along with the basics of reading, writing, and math make for great beginnings to a being a lifelong learner who is successful in the world.

What do you consider important for your children to learn? As a parent, you have a say by what you do every day. You are their first teacher and one of the GREATEST teachers in their eyes.

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