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Learning and Exploring all the time!

IMG_2257As summer is approaching, don’t forget to keep those brains going. Learning can happen everywhere and at any time. We don’t just learn at school, in fact we started learning the moment that we are born. As our children are home for the summer, use this time to learn something new. Their brains are like little sponges soaking in the knowledge of the world around them if they find something interesting or fun. Curiosity about something leads to knowledge gained as they go forth and explore the objects around them. Some of the questions they are trying to solve might be: how does it work, why does it do that, or how do I take it apart. Teaching these curious minds can be fun as you help them find ways to explore the world of knowledge. Discovering how things work, why does water run downhill, what happens if you mix vinegar and baking soda, how long do we bake the cookies, and how to cut an apple into equal pieces are all things that can be taught at home. Learning is exploring. There are opportunities to learn all around us. Look for those moments and start the conversation with questions and excitement.

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