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For some people……Change is CRAP!

matteo 21Change is C.R.A.P.! (excuse my language).

Yes, I just said it! You might be thinking that I have gone crazy, but I haven’t. I am just telling you how some students may feel about the new school year. Not everyone loves the smell of new crayons, shopping for new shoes, clothes, etc.

A new school year can mean new teachers, new classmates, new schedules, etc….
For a child who is anxious or doesn’t adjust well to change, they may see a new school year looming before them like a giant meteor ready to destroy them. The shopping is overwhelming and the thought of having to break in new shoes puts them into a meltdown on the shoe aisle at Target. Yes, this is my child. She loathes change! She likes to wear the same 2 or 3 favorite outfits over and over even if she outgrows them. Her routines are to remain the same every day or at least let her know the schedule in advance and well in advance.

As you can imagine with life being full of change, she has experienced some struggles. The beginning of a new school year can cause her to spend a week or two full of nightmare filled sleep as she imagines the horror of the CHANGE.

Now, I am not a lover of change either or I wasn’t until I learned how to deal with change. I found out a few facts about change and we have a saying around our house now. Change is CRAP! This saying helps my daughter deal with change in a couple of ways. First of all, it lets her express her feelings of helplessness and frustration that are overwhelming her in a “shock value” way. (We don’t usually say ugly words like CR__ __ at our house.) Second of all, the word CRAP is a mnemonic memory tool that stands for how we deal with change. Here is how we use that expression: C stands for Change is inevitable. R stands for Reality is that Change is happening now. A stands for Adjust your attitude. P stands for Perk…there should be a perk….look for how the change can be a good thing.

If your child struggles with changes, they can learn to deal with change eventually. Teaching them a fun way to deal with it or finding that pleasant perk with the change, goes a long way.

Just a little life lesson from a mom of 4 and grandmother of 2…..

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