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Public-Private School Partnership

Homework Support (Tutoring)Is your child receiving special services from their current public or private school, but not all of your child’s needs being met? Bridge Builder Academy has and can be a special vendor to your child’s district or school to partner the education your child is already receiving to assist the district or school in fully meeting your child’s academic needs, while allowing your child to continue to remain in their current school.  Our Public-Private School Partnership program creates an Educational Partnership that gives your child the best possible ability to be successful.

In some cases we already have relationship with public and private schools other times either parents or school officials contact Bridge Builder Academy. We can setup a relationship to ensure that your child receives the academic assistance needed. We can be an academic options that the public-private school or district can offer when students where a one on one education (the absolutely least restrictive environment) is the best educational setting to maximize a student’s educational potential. Also, Bridge Builder Academy can be an option that a parent can request during an ARD to ensure that their child receives the best possible education that will maximize their child’s educational potential.

Parents and schools do not have to have legal battles that spend tens of thousands of dollars (sometimes even more) when both sides can agree to allow the student to stay in their school, but allow us to provide the needed one on one education that is the best teaching arrangement to maximize your child’s educational potential through our Public-Private School Partnership.