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Fall, winter, spring, and summer are the seasons of a typical year except in education. Progress reports and testing dates arrange our seasons within a semester. We need to change that! As an educator, I want to see the seasons of learning arranged around hands on learning projects, experiments, field trips, novel units, and family activity nights.

Here are some of my ideas for fall. We would be starting with Social Skills units on manners, thankfulness. Science units on biospheres, and the building blocks of life would tie in nicely with the changing of the seasons. A colorful bushel of novel units along with some Excellent In Writing tasks would be included for the Language arts block. During this season of fall, the Family Activity Nights might include some fun cooking with apples or pumpkins, roller skating (with lots of fun and hopefully very few falls), a day trip to a zoo in the area, and a couple of game nights. These are ideas that I hope I can start implementing.

Winter, spring, and summer plans are next on my list. What are your ideas?


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