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VISION: Building bridges to success!

VISION:  Building bridges to success!

Our school’s mission is to comfortably challenge students by providing the highest quality of individualized education to maximize their educational potential.


Philosophy of Education: Every student is unique with different learning styles, personalities, skills, strengths, weaknesses, interests, and experiences.   We believe that one to one education provides the best possible educational opportunity around. We will provide a secure, caring, and comfortably challenging one to one learning environment in which each student can grow and learn at their own pace.


Our Passion: Our primary goal is to blend the authenticity of individualized education with the validity of quality curriculum and experienced teachers. We are here as an educational option for those who want or need something different.   It is the best of three academic worlds. BBA is a fully functional private school offering one to one instruction Kindergarten through twelfth grade, that specializes in individualized “Full Time” Programs; a special project outlet for fully accredited curriculum programs when appropriate; and an elite educational service specializing in “Home School Support”. WE customize the what, where, how, and why of education.

Why choose BBA?

One-to One instruction. At Bridge Builder Academy BBA, every instructional session is one to one. The largest class size your student will ever be in is one.

Customized Curriculum   Everyone is different and the curriculum that is used will be chosen for the student’s learning style, needs, strengths, and pacing.

Flexible Scheduling and Locations. Students and families have the ability to maximize their schedules.   Sessions can be scheduled any time between 8am to 8pm from Monday to Friday and in a variety of different locations.

Strong supportive relationships.   An effective educational program requires supportive and encouraging relationships in which the student feels motivated to learn. Our teachers and staff are chosen not only for their experience and abilities but also their passion for motivating students to become lifelong learners

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