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Success Through Summer Camps

Well, it finally feels like summer here in the Dallas area. However, for our students – your children, summer started practically a few weeks after the Spring semester began.

Summer is a time where children are able to relax, have the ability to decompress after a long school year, and finally have a semblance of control over their daily schedule. For the first week or so, the children’s lifestyle reflects a Ferris Bueller-like philosophy, summed up in the question, “what aren’t we going to do?” Inevitably, the children’s motivation dwindles due to exhausting all their creative resources and either having thought or done everything possible. What ensues for the remaining weeks consists of fluxing states of boredom, mixing together with growing apathy.

If summer-time typically results in you asking your child what they feel like doing, only to hear in reply, a groaning and unappeased, “I don’t know,” then it’s probably time to rethink summer activities.

Here at Bridge Builder Academy, Summer isin full swing, and with our fun and educational summer programs, we ensure that students harness the break to decompress, relax, and participate in activities that inspire them. We help students accomplish these Summertime goals by keeping them engaged and active in unique programs.

No more afternoons walking in the door to find zombified loved ones adhered to the couch. Instead, have your children peruse the long list of summer programs we offer and pick one or all of the tailored, innovative, and motivational courses.

All you have to do is click on this link and scroll through the exciting programs that are still available. Before you know it, you and your child will find programs like Strategy Game Camp, Theatrical Script Writing and Performance Camp, and Discover Your Inner Scientist. Sign up now, because the spots are limited!

Summer break – more like successful break!

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