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Supplemental & Developmental Enrichment

So why add more work when the homework they already have is already causing them so much stress? For as little as 4 hours a week, we will send a certified teacher to assist with homework, answering related questions and providing Supplemental & Developmental Enrichment along with curriculum reinforcement!

Supplemental Enrichment is intended for students who attend need or desire additional educational assistance.  Supplemental Enrichment can be for students who want or need help with core skills significantly above or below their level which are best taught (or re-taught) in a one on one instructional environment.

The two types of supplemental enrichment include gaps and advanced development.  Gaps in a student’s core skills are determined by a skills test screening, and goals are set based on these results.  Advanced development would be where a student’s interests or skills are developed beyond the typical educational setting to give the student advanced practice and learning on subject matters that will enrich and empower the student to have and gain knowledge much beyond their current level of education.

Developmental Enrichment includes social, study, life skills and creativity.  The National Association for Developmental Education says, “When most people outside [education] hear the words “developmental education,” they think of refresher courses in English, math, and reading for underprepared students. However, developmental coursework is only one academic enhancement practice that falls under the umbrella term “developmental education.”

Bridge Builder Academy will promote the cognitive and affective growth of all students, at all levels of the learning continuum. Developmental education is sensitive and responsive to individual differences and special needs among learners. Commonly we are addressing academic preparedness, development of general and discipline-specific learning strategies, and affective barriers to learning. Developmental education includes all forms of learning assistance, such as tutoring, mentoring, and supplemental instruction, personal, academic, academic advisement, and coursework.  Finally we can also provide social skills, life skills, creativity and study skills.