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Read Testimonials from Parents and Educational Professionals

The best way to learn about Bridge Builder Academy is from our Parents and other Educational Professionals:


“Under the skilled leadership of co-owner and Head of School Teresa Bronsky, Bridge Builder Academy has earned a reputation over the past decade as one of the leading private institutions of primary and secondary education in the Dallas/Fort Worth area…”
– Proclamation from the Texas House of Representatives

“Bridge Builder Academy has changed my son’s life.  Before Bridge Builder Academy my son didn’t enjoy school and thought he wasn’t smart.  Now as my son is preparing to graduate high school at BBA, he’s talking about college and loves learning.  WOW!  What a transformation, and it’s all because of the passionate teachers and devoted staff that my son knows that his learning differences do not have to hold him back.”
– Proud BBA parent and State of Texas District Judge

“Thanks much for the detailed test report which provides a clear picture for us to set more realistic exceptions for [his] next chapter of academic advancement. Never in his elementary years did any report depict a “true picture” even close to this one does; a taboo or not, no one in the public school system would point out (or perhaps the system simply would not allow) that [he] needs to go into 6th grade for math and go to 2nd grade for reading. We somehow knew that should have been the way for [him] but there was nothing we could do. This struggle went on for a little too long…until we found your school. Not to exaggerate a bit, Bridge Builder to us seems to be a dream come true.”
– Overjoyed BBA elementary school parent

I cannot begin to fully explain the difference Bridge Builder Academy has made in my son’s life.  It’s been incredible.  My son disliked school, thought he was a failure and had no self-confidence.  Now he loves to learn and sees his future as bright.  I want to tell every parent about the difference BBA has made in his life.  Every parent with a child should have their children enrolled at Bridge Builder.  You certainly will have my son until he graduates high school.
– Joyful BBA middle school parent

“My son was able to go off to a school and learn in a group only because of Bridge Builder Academy.”
 Rekha Suryanarayana, owner of “It’s a Sensory World!” and a very satisfied parent.

“The transformation in my son has been incredible.  I’ve looked everywhere to find a school that would help my son learn and enjoy learning.  I know I have found it here.  Bridge Builder Academy’s staff and teachers are absolutely amazing and I want ever parent to have this for their child!”
– Parent of an elementary age student

“Prior to BBA, the educational structure of the public schools was such that aiming for the highest test scores, documenting every minute detail, and losing sight of the students was the final straw…
Joyful BBA high school parent

The students are my passion. Unfortunately, in public and some private schools, the financial bottom line became more important than the individual student. After years of my students losing their spark and test results replacing their smiles, I began to lose my smile as well.
– Parent of a BBA elementary age child

It’s so nice to see smiling faces again, a zeal for learning, inquisitive minds and a thirst for knowledge. One of the things I love about BBA is that the student-centered focus creates an atmosphere for students to flourish and their self confidence to soar.”
-BBA teacher