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Academic Assessment

Testing and Assessment

Assessment must match Instruction. This means two things. First, those tests which assess knowledge after teaching of a new concept should match the concept being taught. It also means that diagnostic and skills tests given as a pre-test to determine where a student is in their learning, and what gaps are present should be used to develop the curriculum itself based on that student’s areas of need. When a student comes to BBA for a baseline assessment, part of the initial process is to determine based on testing and parent goals which charts are needed for a his or her individual profile. BBA does both of these things. One of the tools we can use to assess student skills is the “BRIGANCE® Comprehensive Inventory of Basic Skills” For more on this test and how we use it for many of our students or information about other similar diagnostic options, call us today. The price of the academic assessment is only $250 per child.

The Brigance Test Is …

Criterion-referenced assessment Purpose/Objectives

  • Identify present levels of performance
  • Connect assessment with instruction
  • Monitor and report progress for IEPs


  • Grade-placement tests in key skill areas
  • Pretests and post tests for many skills
  • 150+ skills assessments
  • Supplemental and related skill sequences to facilitate instructional planning

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